Popcorn Flavors

This isn’t your movie theatre’s popcorn. 

Below are all of the flavors we’ve dreamed up so far. A selection of these specialty flavors are on rotation each week.
Check our Locations page to see which of our scrumptious flavors are being freshly made this week!

Sweet ‘n Salty Kettle

Made with all-natural ingredients, the perfect balance between sweet and salty. (GF)

Chunky Chocolate Caramel

In 2005, Pittsburgh Popcorn owner, Rob Day, had some caramel popcorn and some chocolate chips and came up with an idea. This is the original chocolate drizzled popcorn ever, which in turn inspired hundreds of other popcorn makers to copy. Made with fresh caramel corn and drizzled (some say glopped) with over generous amounts of creamy milk chocolate goodness. (GF).

Buttery Movie Style

Like what you get in the movies, only this time, way, way better. (GF)

Cheddar & Caramel Mix

Made by mixing caramel corn and cheddar corn together. A favorite among advanced popcorn connoisseurs. (GF)

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese

Made with Real Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, and lots of it! After all, this is Pittsburgh, you can never have too much cheese! (GF)

Crunchy Caramel

Made with All-Natural Ingredients, with a rich, complex flavor and BIG crunch. The perfected recipe was derived after hundreds of trials. (GF)


What is better than chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows together? All of the above mixed in with fresh, lightly salted popcorn!


A perfect combo between fresh popcorn and a Jolly Rancherish Watermelon. The best part -no seeds!

Spicy Bacon Cheddar

Real Wisconsin Cheddar with the added smokiness of bacon. Also has a little kick in the end!

Zesty Ranch

A perfect blend of buttermilk ranch and zesty herbs.

Smaker Jacks

All natural caramel corn with roasted Spanish peanuts. Better than Jack!

South West Cheddar

Fresh popcorn covered in cheddar cheese and loads of South West spices you can actually see as well as taste.

Jalapeno Popper Corn

Tastes just like Jalapeno poppers! More zesty than spicy.

Vanilla Cashew

Crunchy vanilla caramel corn with cashews.

Mesquite BBQ

Smoky Mesquite popcorn blended with the subtle sweetness of BBQ rub spices. Just a bit of heat.

Buffalo Wing

A popcorn version of the classic buffalo wing. Very spicy.

Corn Chocula

Your never too old for this cocoa and marshmallow classic.

The Cajun

Zesty seasoned popcorn inspired by traditional New Orleans cooking.

Sour Cream ‘n Onion

Good as a dip but better as popcorn, a savory blend of sour cream and green onion.

Dill Pickle

Finally, a popcorn that tastes just like dill pickles!

Smoky Chipotle

A flavor that is both smoky and spicy.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

We love raspberry chocolate cookies, so we had to come up with a raspberry infused chocolate covered popcorn.

Frank ‘n Berry

Inspired by our childhood favorite treat. Strawberry popcorn with creamy marshmallow topping.

Ginger Coconut

We love the pairing of ginger spice with the nuttiness of shredded coconut.

Thin Mint

Inspired by the classic cookie. Mint-chocolate topping over a fresh Sweet ‘n Salty popcorn.

Coconut Joy

Dark chocolate drizzled over a crunchy coconut popcorn and then dusted with more shredded coconut. Oh Joy!

Butter Pecan

Inspired by the classic ice cream flavor. Crunchy pecan-caramel made with real butter and tossed with pecan pieces.

Almond Nut Crunch

An almond coated popcorn with slithers of almonds thrown in. Only all-natural ingredients are used.

Cashew Nut Crunch

Real cashews are mixed in with hot caramel and used to coat fresh popcorn. After that heaps of cashews are thrown in for good measure. Only all-natural ingredients are used.

Cinnamon Toast

Real cinnamon and butter is used to make this all natural flavor. When the coating cools, we sprinkle on another portion of cinnamon-sugar for extra umph!

Hazelnut Nutella

Inspired by the legendary Italian hazelnut-chocolate treat. Fresh popcorn topped with a nutty, creamy chocolate topping.

Vanilla Almond

Something magical happens to your taste buds when you try this vanilla caramel mixed with fresh sliced almonds.

Pumpkin Spice

Real smashed pumpkin is used to make  this all natural, Fall-favorite treat.

Amaretto Truffle

Ameretto chocolate truffle married with salty, crunchy popcorn. Heavenly.

Garlic Parmesan

The “Mona Lisa” of cheese popcorn. We love cheddar but we also love our popcorn with garlic and the subtle nutty/smoky notes from parmesano-reggiano  cheese.

Ginger Snap Cookie Corn

This all-natural popcorn is made with lots of real ginger for that warm ginger snap taste!

Candy Cane Corn

What happens when you take the cool peppermint of a candy cane and combine it with creamy white chocolate and fresh popped popcorn…? Everyone’s holiday favorite….Candy Cane Corn!

Marshmallow Peeps

No Peeps are harmed in the making of this popcorn. Pastel popcorn with a marshmallowy topping.