• Our Pricing for the Self-Service Bar
    Buttery Movie Style $23.00
    Sweet 'n Salty Kettle $29.00
    Real Wisconsin Cheddar $29.00
    Crunchy Caramel $42.00
    Peanut Butter Cup $46.00
    Chunky Chocolate Caramel $51.00
    Smacker Jacks (Caramel & Peanuts) $48.00
    Chicago Style (Caramel & Cheddar) $37.00
    Flavor of the Week inquire
    Bulk bags are also available online. Click Here to order.

The Popcorn Bar

Lets face it, everyone loves popcorn… So set up a popcorn bar! Choose from our many flavors and let your guests do the rest! Mix and match your flavors to match everyone’s taste. We can also set you up with serving bushels, fun self-serve scoops, and bags for each of your guests to take home the treats as a reminder of your special event!

Self-service prices are based on service for up to 30 people per flavor/bushel. Bags and scoops are available for $4 per scooper (most need two) and $5 for bags (50 ct.). Bushels are available for a $7.

For pick up orders: Call any of our stores to order. Payment is due upon placement of your order.

For online orders: order bulk popcorn online here.